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Code of Conduct Introduction (taken from an actual Code of Conduct PDF)

The Code applies to all directors, officers and other employees of our Company, its subsidiaries and to all others who act on behalf of our Company in all countries.

In addition to this Code, our Company has established company policies, internal procedures and business processes that supplement the Code and may apply to your job. The Code should be read and construed in conjunction with the Company policies. Such policies are an integral part of the Code and are available on the our external website and intranet.

Where laws and regulations in a particular jurisdiction are more lenient than those contained in the Code of Conduct, the Code shall prevail.

Our Company endorses the UN Declaration on Human Rights, the relevant International Labour Organization (“ILO”) Conventions and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies. Accordingly, the Code and our Company practices and policies are intended to be consistent with such guidelines.

In all of our dealings, we must actively promote ethical behaviour with all people with whom we interact and personally adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability. It undermines our commitment to integrity if we do business with a contractor, agent, consultant, broker, distributor or other third party who acts in violation of applicable law or our Code of Conduct.

Our Company also encourages the active involvement of its employees in the detection and prevention of misconduct. If you have reason to believe that any employee – including your manager – has violated, may violate, or is acting in a manner that appears to violate any law or regulation or any provision of the Code, you are expected to immediately report such activity to your supervisor, your Human Resources representative, a member of the Company’s Internal Audit function, or a member of the Legal and Compliance Department. Alternatively, you can seek guidance (or report a violation) on an anonymous basis by using the Company’s compliance helpline.

Please note: Nothing contained in or implied by this Code creates or shall be deemed to create or constitute a legal obligation on the part of our Company. The provisions of this Code are subject to change from time to time and do not create any right to employment.


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