We recognise that motivated and highly professional people are an essential factor in maintaining competitiveness, creating value for stakeholders and ensuring customer satisfaction. The following principles, in compliance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the relevant ILO Conventions, confirm the importance of respect for the individual, ensure equality of treatment and exclude any form of discrimination. We support the protection of fundamental human rights.

Child and Forced Labor

CNH Industrial Group does not employ any form of forced, mandatory or child labor and does not employ people younger than the permissible age for working established in the legislation of the place in which the work is carried out and, in any case, younger than fifteen, unless an exception is expressly provided by international conventions and by local legislation. CNH Industrial Group is also committed to not establishing or maintaining working relationships with suppliers that employ child labor, as defined above.
You can find our Human Rights Policy by clicking on the image.

Freedom of Association

CNH Industrial Group recognizes and respects the right of its employees to be represented by trade unions or other representatives established in accordance with local applicable legislation. When engaging in negotiations with such representatives, CNH Industrial Group seeks a constructive approach and relationship.

Respect & Discrimination

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all our employees, both on the job and in their career advancement and complying with all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination. All managers within our Group companies must ensure that in every aspect of the employment relationship, such as recruitment, training, compensation, promotion, transfer and termination, all employees are treated according to their abilities to meet the applicable job requirements and all decisions are free from any form of discrimination (including discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, physical and health condition, disability, age, nationality, religion or personal beliefs).

Intimidation & Harassment

Harassment of any kind, such as racial or sexual harassment or harassment related to other personal characteristics, which has the purpose or the effect of violating the dignity of the person who is the victim of such harassment, is totally unacceptable in our Group - whether it takes place inside or outside the workplace. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws prohibiting intimidation or harassment.

Good Working Environment

We will take such steps as are necessary to maintain a good and cooperative working environment in which the dignity of each individual is respected. In particular, all Company employees: • are prohibited from working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; • where smoking is not already prohibited by applicable law, will be sensitive to the needs of those who will physically suffer from the effects of “passive smoke”; and • will avoid behaviour intended to or that might create an intimidating or offensive climate with respect to colleagues or subordinates.

Company Assets & Resources

All employees are required to use Company assets and resources to which they have access, or which are in their care, in an efficient manner, solely in order to achieve the business goals and objectives of the CNH Industrial Group, and shall use such assets for the purposes and in the manner intended and in a way that is appropriate to protecting their value. In addition, all employees are responsible for protecting such assets and resources against loss, theft, unauthorized use, damage or destruction. Any use of such assets and resources that might be contrary to the interests of our Group, or that is inconsistent with the purposes and the manner in which such assets were intended to be used, is prohibited. It is critical that, and all employees are required to, follow the CNH Industrial Group’s use, access and security policies for software and information technology, email, internet and intranet systems.
You can find our Use of Company Property Policy by clicking on the image.

Protect Our Reputation

Our Company reputation is something which has taken many years to develop and which can be damaged or destroyed quickly by a careless act. Our corporate image, our culture and our long history are assets to be cherished and vigilantly protected by all of us. Accordingly, all employees are expected to abide by the Code at all times (i.e. not just during working hours). In addition, it is essential that we share a strong commitment to the Code and we cooperate within our Group in enforcing its provisions.